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              Explore Our Family of Brands

              Quiet Power Technology? Series

              Much Quieter, Far More Neighborly

              Cut the grass any time of day – and you’ll have no worries about bothering the neighbors.

              • Quieter Power

                Up to 50% quieter mowing experience*.

              • Easy Starting

                ReadyStart? Starting system with Our Starting Promise?* for no prime, no choke, no worries - just pull for power.

              • No Oil Changes

                Simply check your oil levels, and add as you go. - Just Check & Add?**

              • Less vibration

                Smoother operation and more comfort.

              All power levels are stated gross torque at 2600 rpm per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.

              *Sound levels may vary based on application

              **Regular maintenance is still required. To see complete details refer to your Operating Manual. Briggs & Stratton standard warranty terms and conditions apply.

              Just Check & Add? does not extend the warranty period. See http://www.bixg7.com/na/en_us/support/warranty.html for details.


              Where to Buy

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