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              Explore Our Family of Brands

              You like to be prepared. From a hurricane to a snowstorm, a tailgating party to a construction site - you want the power on. Our generators have been through it all, including the harshest conditions in the most critical situations and have delivered time and time again.


              A more portable and temporary solution for power when and wherever you need it.


              • Portable, proper storage is required
              • No installation needed. Must be operated outside.


              • Manual (Recoil or Electric Start)

              Fuel Type

              • Gasoline
              • Refueling is needed

              What It Can Power

              • Outdoor items plugged directly into the generator
              • Indoor items through a manual transfer switch


              A permanent power solution for all the conveniences of a life uninterrupted. 


              • Permanently installed outside your home
              • Professionally installed by a certified Briggs & Stratton dealer or licensed electrician


              • Automatic when power goes out

              Fuel Type

              • Natural gas or liquid propane
              • No refueling needed

              What It Can Power

              • Overall home needs such as lights, water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.
              • Automatically manage high wattage appliance priority with Symphony? II power management system for automatic load management

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